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Each year thousands of people become injured in car accidents, and sadly many of these accidents are preventable. The injuries suffered can be mild or severe; though, regardless of the severity of one's injuries, dealing with the aftermath after becoming injured can be an overwhelming and difficult process.

If you were injured in a car accident, it is important to get the medical attention you need, but that may not be possible without compensation. At JM Davis Law PLLC our auto accident lawyers in Lake Jackson aggressively fight on behalf of the victims of negligent drivers.

We know how to review evidence, work with expert witnesses, refute the insurance company's account and maximize recovery. The road to recovery after a serious car accident can be a long one, particularly in cases of severe and debilitating injuries, but a Houston car accident lawyer can help injured victims make the road to recovery less stressful by taking care of matters related to ensuring due compensation is received.

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If it Difficult to Receive Compensation for Injuries

Individuals who have been left with damages or car wreck injuries after an accident are often faced with challenges to receiving fair compensation from those liable for what they have endured.

Insurance companies often take steps to avoid payouts to claimants beyond what they deem is appropriate to provide; and many initial offers from insurers in these cases fail to fairly compensate victims for their damages or losses or take into account the necessity of future medical care.

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We are successful because we take the time to work one on one with our clients to develop strategies that meet their individual needs. We take the time to listen to your story and answer all your questions about your legal options and the process. We are Client driven, and will work as hard as we can to get you relief, because we know what is at stake for you.

What Is Your Injury Case Worth?

Well, maybe more than you think. Soft tissue injuries are often worse than they may seem at first. A "sore neck" could actually be a fractured vertebrae or serious ligament damage. A swollen knee might eventually require surgery. A "pulled muscle" in the back might keep a person out of work for months.

Without an attorney on your side, an insurance company is likely to either flatly reject your soft tissue damage claim, or offer a quick settlement that does not account for future medical care or a lasting disability.

We work with your doctors to diagnose the actual damage and document your claims for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering. Rather than seek a quick settlement, our Lake Jackson auto accident attorney will ensure that you have reached maximum medical improvement or that you are fully compensated for future medical expenses and lost earnings before entertaining a settlement.

Common auto accident injuries include

  • Neck injuries — cervical fractures, whiplash sprains

  • Shoulder injuries — torn labrum or rotator cuff, dislocated shoulder

  • Tendonitis in forearms and elbows

  • Back injuries — herniated disk, lower back strain, ligament damage

  • Rib and sternum injuries — fractures, strained intracostal muscles

  • Knee injuries — torn cartilage, torn ACL or MCL, dislocated kneecap

  • Ankle fractures and sprains

  • Foot injuries — stress fractures, Achilles tendon, broken toes

Auto accident damages include:

  • Property damage

  • Loss of use damages

  • Dimunition in value damages

  • Storage Fees

  • Past and Future Medical expenses

  • Lost wages (including paid vacation used)

  • Loss of earning capacity

  • Physical impairment

  • Physical disfigurement

  • Past and future pain and suffering

  • Past and future mental anguish

  • Loss of consortium

  • Loss of services

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