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If you have been arrested for a DWI, you might have many questions running through your head. While each DWI case is unique, there is some information that applies broadly to most cases. Our Lake Jakcson DWI lawyer at JM Davis Law PLLC provides some insight into DWI cases and what to expect below.

If I fail or refuse to submit to a breath or blood test, is my driver’s license suspended automatically?

If you request hearing by the Administrative License Revocation within fifteen days of your arrest, your license might not be suspended can stay valid until the hearing takes place. It often takes several months for hearings to be scheduled. Your license will be valid at least until the date of the hearing. Once the hearing has commenced, the State normally has to be able to prove certain facts for your license to be suspended.

When I am stopped by a police officer & they ask if I have been drinking, what do I say?

It’s important to be courteous and polite with the officers who have stopped but you don’t have to admit to anything if you feel that it might incriminate you. Simply respond to questions revolving around drinking by explaining that you feel it’s better for your lawyer to be present when answering any questions. Until your lawyer is advising you, state that you would like to use your right to remain silent even if you are being told that you are not under arrest or that you don’t’ require your attorney.

A police officer is asking me to perform field sobriety test, what should I do?

Many people aren’t able to pass field sobriety tests when they are completely sober. If you feel like you are able to pass the tests, then you are free to attempt the tasks the officer is asking you to do. You are also allowed to ask the officer if you are required to take the tests. It is within your rights to tell the officer that you refuse to take a test if your attorney is not present.

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