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Community Supervision for DWI in Lake Jackson

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In the state of Texas, the sentence commonly called probation is defined as community supervision. Community supervision is a possibility for a sentence after you have been convicted of a DWI. There are normally explicit conditions someone must adhere to when placed under community supervision. Our Houston DWI attorney at JM Davis Law PLLC can help clients understand their community supervision conditions and ensure their rights and best interests are safeguarded.

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Community Supervision Requirements

When under community supervision for a DWI, it is common to be required to:

  • Complete an alcohol education program
  • Complete a treatment program for substance abuse
  • Install an ignition interlock device on your car

If you are being required to complete an alcohol education program, you will typically need to complete that course within 180 days. In the event that rehabilitation treatment is determined to be necessary, you will have to complete a treatment program that is approved by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Repeat DWI offenders often face the mandatory installation of the interlock device on their car’s ignition.

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When faced with the penalties stemming from a DWI charge, it is crucial to have a Lake Jackson DWI lawyer who can formulate an aggressive defense and has an in-depth understanding of DWI law. Our attorney at JM Davis Law PLLC is available to take calls from clients and remains easy to communicate with. This kind of personal interaction that we know can make a clients' defense stronger, especially when their representation is willing to take the time to listen to their concerns and needs.

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