Case Results

  • Case Dismissed
    Client was on parole with six years remaining and was charged with assault of a family member. Police had multiple witnesses and photos of alleged injuries. We were able to discredit all witnesses and account for the injuries. Case dismissed and a ...
  • Recovered Policy Limits
    Automobile Accident
    Client was in an auto accident and suffered a fractured right arm. After attempting to deal with the issue herself, she got nowhere. The insurance company claimed their insured was not at fault due to conflicting witness statements. We were ...
  • Dismissed
    Driving While Intoxicated
    Client was pulled for driving the wrong way down the road. He had open beer cans throughout his vehicle and a failed breath test. Client had medical conditions that we claimed called the breath test results into question.
  • Reduced, No Jail
    Drug Posession
    Client had a criminal history and was arrested for second degree felony drug possession. She was advised by other counsel that she would serve two years in TDC. While on bond, she was arrested for a sex offense. We had her sex offense dismissed and ...
  • Significant Settlement
    Medical Malpractice
    Client had repeated spinal surgeries and ended up in intensive care with severe sepsis and meningitis. After turned down by other attorneys, we took on his case. After a two year battle, he received a significant settlement to cover all that he had s ...
  • Settled Claim
    Slip and Fall
    Client was injured in a grocery store. She slipped in a puddle of water created by nearby plants and flowers and injured her shoulder and lower back. There were no witnesses or video, and the store refused to compensate her. We were able to quickly ...